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Jana’s Primal Eats + Acupuncture 30-Day Challenge
Balancing Body/Mind Needs with Ancestral Nutrition

What if, in just 30 days, you could metamorphosize into an energetic, glowing, healthy person? And what if you felt so good that those 30 days transformed into a lifetime of well-being? It’s easier than you might think.

In today’s diet-crazed, mega-supplement mentality, one truth remains - under your fork lies the answer to managing pain, promoting mental health and becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be. What’s under your fork is simple nutrition - organic vegetables, humanely raised meats, organic fruits. It’s a trifecta of health wisdom thousands of years old. That’s why it’s Primal or “Paleolithic.” No preservatives, no white sugar, no processed grains or flour. Just the most nutritious basics one could eat.

I want you to feel it’s stellar effects of a 30-day commitment to eating a Primal diet in combination with receiving acupuncture. You see, the power of eating well, coupled with opening your meridians, is potent and encourages awesome change. Many of us brave enough to say “no!” to processed foods can attest - on a Primal diet stress is whisked away, digestion is improved, you’ll sleep like a baby. And as a very nice benefit, you will shed more than a few pounds. Lighter, happier, healthier. That’s why Jana’s 30-day Primal Eats and Acupuncture challenge is right for you.

But! Space is limited. Please get in touch with me soon, so we can fit you in. There will be other opportunities, but I always say the best time to take care of yourself is now.

What does the challenge include? You’ll receive an incredible amount of support from me, firstly! I’m your advocate and I’ll help you along the path to eating well, to being well. I’ll provide you with the Paleo Quickstart nutrition guide, as well as 30 days of delicious, healthy recipes that you can prepare without a lot of fuss. Just check off your shopping list while in the store. Then, you’ll receive 4 acupuncture treatments that we’ll spread out over the course of the challenge. Each session will focus on reducing inflammation and pain, stress relief and management, restful sleep, and belly-busting digestive balancing. And, as a modern benefit, there will be encouragement with unlimited email support!

It’s an all inclusive, managed way to reduce your stress, reduce inflammation and pain, address auto-immune conditions, tackle your chronic allergies, balance metabolism and even lower cholesterol and increase fat loss. It’s also the most natural energy boost you can achieve.

The best part? Your life will change so much that your 30-day challenge will very likely become a sustainable part of your life thereafter. You may not believe me, but, you won’t want to jump back into eating chocolate cake for breakfast having cleaned up your act!

So let’s get you started on Jana’s Primal Eats and Acupuncture Challenge. 30 days to health. 30 days of gorgeous, nutritious food on your plate. 4 acupuncture sessions where I’ll coach you, advocate for you and hug you for committing your life to positive change!

Please email or call me today. Let’s talk about how Primal you can be.


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