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My interest in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture began when I noticed how traditional Western medicine was failing in certain areas of our collective health. It didn't make sense to not look at how connected we are and that we are whole beings...not a symptom or disease that required a quick-fix for our laundry list of woes. My exposure to any medicine was minimal, but I was drawn to what acupuncture could offer and connected with the theory of it all. Making connections based on the whole person and fascinated about how a pattern would present itself, that entailed a holistic view of the individual.

There is something creative about trying to put together the puzzle of symptoms. Patterns and textures in nature has always been a passion of mine, and it seemed to make sense that I would follow this path.

A born and raised Portlander, I spent my undergrad years at Portland State University until I found myself being drawn toward complementary medicine. I felt there was something to this whole idea of looking at the root of the problem and not just at the symptom. And that's just what acupuncture and Chinese Medicine focus on...the root! I finally found a comfortable place to practice what I believe to be the perfect approach to health...the understanding of modern medicine with the integration and practice of functional holistic care. I completed the Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at the
Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, one the top three prestigious schools in the country.

The more I have practiced acupuncture over the years and treated a variety of individuals, I found myself wanting a little bit more...something more that would round out my practice. That's when I began studying at the
Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a certified health and nutrition coach/consultant. Their theory of Bio-Individuality approach to wellness completes how I want to approach each client/patient. Each person is their own, their problems are their own, their pain is their own...they are their own being and individual that requires individualized care. I am now able to work with committed individuals who are eager to make a change...a life change. Whether that be through nutrition, exercise, or spirituality, I get to help people empower themselves and offer useful tools to make lifelong changes to live to their healthiest potential.

One never stops learning and investigating how to better serve the people they are trying help. I couldn't stop with the nutrition and wellness component, but went on to study a therapeutic style of yoga, completing a 200 hour program based on
Viniyoga. This type of yoga focuses on the adaption, application and differentiation of the individual and their goals. Therapeutic-styles of yoga complement how I work with each individual and how they may reach their most optimal wellness potential. It is not uncommon for the patient to go home with therapeutic yoga practices to do on their own specific to their condition.

Putting it all together...
From the very start on this path as a wellness practitioner, I believed that approaching illness and disease from an integrative perspective was key to living well. There is no one way to living your best life, but the integration of healthful practices that supports and leads the way.

Jana Moore Capristo, LAc, MSAOM, RYT-200
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